Bulgaria represents an attractive place for investments in wind energy. This is mainly due to its convenient location, the modern law on alternative energy sources, low land prices, a statutory purchase guarantee for electricity produced over 12 years, as well as due to the low tax rates.

The highly qualified personnel of law firm Ruskov & Colleagues have extensive experience with wind power projects in the field of renewable energy sources in Bulgaria.

We offer our clients a complete service package including the creation and implementation of wind energy facilities in Bulgaria. This includes especially:

  • legal review (due diligence) of wind energy projects
  • general advice on investments in wind power in Bulgaria
  • Company Formation in Bulgaria
  • Determination of the legal requirements regarding the construction of the wind power facilities in Bulgaria
  • Analysis of the regions in Bulgaria with a high energy potential
  • Search for a suitable site by commissioning local brokerages
  • Assessment of suitable land and of the available infrastructure, communications and power supply
  • Advice on site selection and recommendation of a suitable plot
  • Purchase or lease of land, preparation of the purchase or lease agreements
  • Carrying out of the procedure for amending the zoning plan (reclassification) in agricultural land
  • Implementation of all necessary approval process - environment, health, fire protection permits, etc.
  • Legal and financial advice on the planning and implementation of the network connection
  • Preparation of the wind energy project
  • Financial review of the project in Bulgaria
  • Applying for EU funds in Bulgaria
  • Implementation of the planning permission process
  • Contract negotiations with the grid operator supplier
  • Contract negotiations with the Public Utilities
  • Preparation of all necessary contracts in Bulgaria (in Bulgarian, English and German language)

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