Due to the constantly rising energy prices investments in renewable energy appear to be particularly lucrative. The good location and low tax rates in Bulgaria make it highly suitable for foreign investments in renewable energy sources (RES). The Bulgarian Law on renewable energy sources which entered into force in 2011 guarantees the purchase of the produced renewable energy at a fixed rate over a period of time, which depending on the type of RES is between twelve (for wind energy) and twenty ( energy from photovoltaic and biomass) years.

We already have good experience with implementation of small and medium-RES projects in Bulgaria. Our services include a comprehensive legal advice and representation at all levels regarding project development in the field of renewable energy sources, their financing and implementation. We offer legal and business consulting services, representation in front of the competent Bulgarian authorities and courts, preparation of all types of contracts required (land purchase and lease, trade, construction and supply contracts, etc.). For investors interested in purchase of a RES project in Bulgaria, we offer a comprehensive legal and tax assistance in the project implementation. Our services include contract negotiation, drafting of contract and contract review, legal due diligence analysis, payment processing, etc.

We already have several RES projects successfully handled in Bulgaria on behalf of German investors, especially in the field of photovoltaic.

Our highly qualified lawyers and consultants will guide you and your investment project step by step up to going into operation of your project in Bulgaria. Our services in the field of renewable energy sources include in particular:

  • legal and tax advice on renewable energy law in Bulgaria
  • Advice and assistance by site selection and site securities
  • Assistance and representation in all project phases regarding the construction of facilities for electricity production based on renewable energy sources
  • Conducting contract negotiations with developers of RES projects, drafting and review of contracts for the purchase of RES projects.
  • Preparation of legal due diligence analysis of RES projects.
  • Negotiating with energy suppliers concerning the necessary feed-in agreements
  • Assistance in the acquisition and processing of RES-projects.

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