Public Procurement Law

Public procurement law in Bulgaria has a short but rich history. Especially in the recent years the Bulgarian public procurement law has been significantly altered by the provisions of the European Union. The European directives and the case law of the ECJ work towards the unification between the Bulgarian law on public procurement and the European regulation.

The main source of law of the public procurement law in Bulgaria is the Bulgarian Act on public procurement – Public procurement Act. In addition, there are many sub-statutory laws for the implementation of this Act.

The Bulgarian public procurement law has evolved in the last twenty years. In this relatively short time a variety of legislative changes has contributed to the development of a significant and highly complex regulation in this area of law. In addition, the Bulgarian public procurement law was further developed by the case law of the Bulgarian judicial bodies. This complexity requires that both parties to public procurement contracts - contracting authorities and bidders - must always have current knowledge of the system of public procurement law.

We are your lawyers for procurement law and public procurement contracts in Bulgaria. We help you develop the most suitable and effective strategy for any of your projects and business initiatives. We advice public or private entities subjected to the European or national procurement legislation on their legal situation and management concerning public procurement procedures in Bulgaria. We ensure the interests of the contractors and work towards improvement of their chances of placing an order. We assist our clients in all phases of the public procurement procedure.

Our legal services include: 

  • Assistance in the preparation and control of contract documents;
  • Assistance in the legal assessment of bidder offers;
  • A dvice in relation to lodging claims / alternative tenders / negotiation potential;
  • Advice and assistance with different bidder issues, preparation and implementation of pre-operation discussion and negotiations;
  • Representation in appeal procedures and compensation processes;
  • Assistance in the design and drafting of specifications and tender terms;
  • Consultations for public contracting authorities regarding the implementation of procurement procedures;
  • Advising bidders in the preparation of proposals;
  • Advising bidders in cases of procurement violations;
  • Representation of contracting authorities and bidders in verification procedures;
  • Assertion of claims for damages;

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