In recent years Bulgaria has developed as an attractive place for foreign investments in the area of outsourcing of various activities and services. The benefits of an investment in outsourcing services in Bulgaria are obvious:

  • Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and as such ensures the free movement of goods, services, capital and workers. Bulgaria has a stable currency that is tied to the Euro at a fixed rate;
  • Bulgaria has a stable public finances and low public debt;
  • the taxes in Bulgaria are among the lowest in the European Union - including corporate tax and income tax - 10% flat tax;
  • an exemption from corporate income tax may be granted in regions with high levels of unemployment;
  • Bulgaria has an investment-friendly policy that offers numerous advantages concerning acquisition of public property, reimbursement of costs for the training of workers, reimbursement of social expenditure for the employer;
  • labor costs are among the lowest in the European Union;
  • rents, including utilities (energy, water, municipal expenditure) for office space are also low compared to other countries of the European Union;
  • the Internet infrastructure of the country is one of the best in the European Union and among the top ten in the world;
  • high school and university graduates are well educated and often have fluency in English and German;

The employees of our law firm will assist you with your investments in the outsourcing sector in Bulgaria. Our services include:

  • general legal and tax advice when entering the outsourcing market in Bulgaria;
  • Support regarding the development of call centers and back offices in Bulgaria;
  • Contract review and contract negotiation with local business partners (Internet and telecommunications service providers, recruiters, etc.);
  • Contract review, contract drafting and contract management with landlords of office space in Bulgaria;
  • Contract review and contract drafting with workers in Bulgaria;
  • general legal advice about Labour law in Bulgaria ;
  • Tax and Accounting;
  • Payroll Accounting;
  • monthly VAT declaration;
  • annual preparation and filing of tax returns;
  • Representation before the tax authorities ;
  • Representation before the Employment Rights Authorities

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