Mediation in Bulgaria represents an alternative method for dispute resolution in which the parties are stimulated by a third neutral person - mediator, to reach an amicable agreement. Mediation is a voluntary, informal, neutral and confidential procedure.

Benefits of Mediation:

  • The parties themselves determine their interests and priorities;
  • The parties themselves have influence on the outcome of the proceedings;
  • Mediation preserves the relationship between the parties;
  • The settlement of disputes through mediation saves time;
  • Mediation is less expensive compared to the judicial trial;
  • The mediation is conducted in convenient time for both parties and in a friendly environment;
  • The discussions and agreements between the parties remain confidential;
  • There is a high percentage of successful agreements reached through mediation.

Disputes that can be resolved through mediation are, for example:

  • Trade disputes - between dealers, in terms of commerce, membership in companies, competition disputes,
  • Labor disputes - Employment contracts - severance pay, wages, seniority, etc..;
  • Construction law d isputes - between citizens, architects, builders and others.
  • Civil litigation - family, real estate and contract law.

The mediation process in Bulgaria is regulated by the law on mediation.

We are your attorneys and mediators in Bulgaria.

Our services in the field of mediation include:

  • Examination of the case and all litigation related documents;
  • Our mediator will contact the other party and made an offer to resolve the case through mediation;
  • Our Mediator carries out hearings between the parties and helps them to reach a compromise;
  • The solution is in mutual interest for both parties to the dispute.

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