Judicial protection and enforcement

Ruskov & Coll. Law Firm represents its clients before state and arbitration courts in Germany and Bulgaria.

We always strive to solve the disputes between the two parties efficiently and swiftly through out-of-court procedures, respecting the interests of all involved. From the client’s point of view, such agreement is generally more economically suitable and practical, since it allows for a much swifter satisfaction of the client’s claims. When such agreement proves impossible to reach or is not preferred, Ruskov & Coll. Law Firm protects the interests of its clients in court procedures. We provide judicial representation before the state courts, as well as in arbitration courts in Germany and Bulgaria.

Upon successful completion of the court proceedings we prepare and organize the implementation of the measures of execution in Germany and Bulgaria. We provide assistance for recognition of Bulgarian court decisions in Germany or of German judicial acts in Bulgaria in accordance with Regulation (EU) № 44/2001 (Brussels I).

For the purpose of faster collection of receivables in other EU countries we recommend the application of the European Order for Payment Procedure (Regulation (EU) № 1896/2006) and the European Small Claims Procedure (Regulation (EU) № 861/2007).

Our legal services in the sphere of legal representation and forced execution procedure in Germany and Bulgaria mainly consist in:

  • economical analysis of potential business partners;
  • collection of receivables;
  • representation in our-of-court negotiations for the purpose of disputes resolution;
  • preparation and signing of out-of-court and judicial agreements;
  • legal representation in Germany and Bulgaria before state- and arbitration courts;
  • measures of execution in Germany and Bulgaria;
  • recognition of foreign court resolutions on the basis of Regulation (ЕО) № 44/2001 (Brussels I);
  • implementation of the European Order for Payment Procedure;