Internet Law and Intellectual Property

The contemporary state of commercial relations in the virtual domain and Internet, the exponential growth of the meaning of digital technologies and the undeniable need of legal regulatory mechanism of these processes have led to the differentiation of the so-called Internet law. It is a place where many of the traditional legal principles find a new way to manifest themselves thus leading to the need of specific approach and analysis of the legal issues that arise from these relations. The participants in these processes have long understood the need of a certain particular algorithm of problem-solving, the need of skills not typically associated with dogmatic legal approach. Simultaneously, with the rapid involvement of the virtual technologies and society in business, the importance of Intellectual property (copyright and the neighbor rights, industrial property) for developing a modern business model with high added value is becoming clearer within the second. The latter also drives the individual to become a part of this virtual world and express himself in new and unlimited ways, be it an industrial design, patent or a blogging website.

The regulatory mechanisms for both Internet Law and Intellectual property are harmonized on a an international level to a degree, which substantiates the necessity of specific knowledgebase about the particular international rules for legal actions for registering, monitoring and defending one`s interests in the field of Internet Law and Intellectual Property.

Law Firm Ruskov and Partners provides the following services in these fields:

I. Internet Law

  • Consultations regarding the registering of Internet domains;
  • Representation for legal disputes regarding Domains – in-court representation, before an arbitrary, in special proceedings before Domain Registrars of all types;
  • Drafting of contracts about domain related rights;
  • Representation in disputes arising from trade mark infringement claims and its unauthorized use for a domain name or design, drafting of “cease and desist letters”;
  • Drafting Terms and Conditions, EULAs (End-User License Agreement) and various documentation for Web sites;
  • Drafting of disclaimer clauses;
  • Legal counsel for contracts, concluded via electronic means or online platforms;
  • Defense in issues regarding infringement of the right to freedom of speech in Internet.

II. Intellectual property

  • Copyright in Internet: drafting of copyright-related contracts, especially concerning the development of software products, copyright protection of code, patentability of software code, protection of content with regard to copyright and unauthorized use;
  • Trademarks: registration, monitoring, filing oppositions and protection against infringements against the rights of the trademark owner, for trademarks registered in Bulgaria, registered according to the European Union regulations (the so-called Community Trademark, or CTM), international trademarks – World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO);
  • Legal counsel in the field of Patent Law, Industrial design, Appellations of Origin.