Inheritance Law

One of the main practice areas of the law firm Ruskov & Coll. is in the sphere of German and Bulgarian inheritance law.

Due to the emigration of lots of Bulgarian citizen to Germany and other European countries in the recent years, as well as of German citizens to Bulgaria, there are often disputes and legal disagreements over the heritage and family law. Often such cases are cross-border and their solving requires professional knowledge of the legal systems of both countries, as well as international private law.

In the course of the years the employees of at Ruskov & Coll. Law Firm succeeded in acquiring extensive experience in locating, evaluating, ensuring and collection of heritage, due by law or will, both in Germany and in Bulgaria. If needed we represent our clients in the procedures of procuring or disputing heritage deeds, or in court procedures for the purpose of submitting claims regarding such heritage.

We are your lawyer for heritage law in Bulgaria and Germany. Our legal services in the sphere of German and Bulgarian heritage law consist mainly in:

  • consultations regarding heritage disputes;
  • preparation of wills in Germany and Bulgaria;
  • submitting request and representation in the procedure of procurement and disputing an heritage deed;
  • out-of-court submitting of inheritance claims, negotiations with the other heirs;
  • locating, evaluating, ensuring and collection of heritages obtained in Germany and Bulgaria;
  • procedure representation during inheritance disputes;

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