Energy Law

The renewable energy sources are the future of energy sector throughout the world and in Bulgaria as well. The rapid development in this sector affects directly the production of energy, the construction and operation of energy facilities and the associated infrastructure - reason enough for the legislature to regulate the energy sector comprehensively. On 3 May, 2011 the Renewable Energy Sources Act (RESA) entered into force and is applicable to the regenerative power generation, photovoltaic, wind energy, biomass and biogas, etc.

In this context, the law firm Ruskov & Coll. provides complex and highly specialized legal advice and assistance on all legal issues concerning the system planners, project managers, and operators from the industrial, municipal and agricultural sectors. We are your lawyers for Energy Law in Bulgaria.

Our services cover all issues related to construction and operation of biogas, biomass, photovoltaic and wind turbines, and include among others:

  • Registration procedures for raw materials production projects and energy facilities
  • Preparation and performance of building contracts
  • Drafting and preparing of energy suppliers contracts
  • Grid access and use
  • Energy consumption tax and other taxes
  • Public procurement management contracts, partnership agreements
  • Environmental Law Contract management and GTC (General terms and conditions).

In addition to the legal work for our clients, providing by the legal firm Ruskov and Coll. through their website Opens external link in new window Renewable Energy in Bulgaria detailed information about each process in the German language of the most important acts, as well as numerous comments to the energy industry and the renewable energy law in Bulgaria, as a starting point can be used for investment in the sector in Bulgaria.

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