Economic and Commercial Law

One of the main practice areas of the law firm Ruskov & Coll. is German and Bulgarian economic and commercial law and all related legal issues. We advise our clients in the area of Commercial law - drafting commercial contracts for all types of commercial transactions and finding optimal solutions for solving the problems set by the economic requirements of the client. This includes contracts with commercial partners, sales representatives, distributors, suppliers, etc., as well as application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

We support and help our clients to solve disputes between traders on both sides--we represent our clients in the state courts or in alternative dispute resolutions proceedings. Even though, our services are intended at avoiding any conflicts during the negotiations and the completion of the transaction. Furthermore, we have successfully tackled and resolved cases in the areas of unfair competition and trademark law. Our legal services in the field of German and Bulgarian commercial law are mainly:

  • Due diligence review of contractors – assessment of their legal and economic situation, credit risk, etc.
  • Conducting contract negotiations with trade partners
  • Preparation and review of merchants contracts , especially with sales representatives, distributors, suppliers and buyers of goods and services including
  • Settlement of disputes with trade partners - alternative dispute resolution, or by judicial representation in Germany and Bulgaria
  • unfair competition
  • Trademark Law

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