Criminal and Criminal tax Law

Ruskov & Coll. Law Firm provides consultation and representation of its clients before the administrative and tax authorities in Germany.

In case of light infringements of common nature as well as in the case administrative violations Germany imposes mostly fines. In addition certain measures can be enforced such as prohibition to drive, or revocation of the driver’s license. In case a client is imposed an administrative fine, we provide consultation the probability of success if the client chooses to dispute the act and we represent the latter in court, when needed.

One of our main spheres of activity is in the German criminal & economic and tax & criminal law. That, for example, includes charges in fraud related to obtainment of subsidies, investment fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, crimes against competition and others. We monitor the criminal procedure from the start of the police investigation up to procedure representation before the criminal courts, including at appellation- and cassation instances. We maintain and effectively apply the interests and purposes of our clients at all levels of the penal procedure.

We aim to engage in tax- and criminal tax cases. In this sphere we make every effort to clarify all facts. Furthermore, we pay special attention to communicating to the participants in the procedure, such as the tax authorities, police, prosecutor’s office, tax police and the competent courts.

Our services in the sphere of the criminal economic and criminal tax law include: Accessibility at all times

  • Consultations and procedure representation for criminal tax law in the sphere of criminal, criminal tax law and administrative-penal procedures. 
  • Representation during police investigation including in case of preliminary arrest
  • Representation before the German courts including at cassation court level
  • Consultation and representation during criminal executive procedure

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