Corporate Law

One of the main practice areas of law firm Ruskov & Coll. with offices in Germany and Bulgaria is German and Bulgarian company law and all legal issues arising therefrom. We provide consultations concerning company foundation and advice our clients on the appropriate corporative form for their business activity in Bulgaria and Germany.

We further assist our clients in resolution of disputes between the company partners in Germany and Bulgaria, offering extrajudicial and judicial representation. Even though, our services are in general intended at avoiding any conflicts during the negotiations and the completion of the proceedings.

Our Legal services in the field of German and Bulgarian company law encompass mainly:

  • Formation and structuring of capital and partnerships (general partnership, Ltd., corporation, limited commercial partnership, a.o.), branches and agencies, including the preparation of all necessary documents in English, German and Bulgarian
  • Advising on and drafting of founding treaties, shareholders agreements, management contracts, bylaws etc. according to the economic interests of the shareholders
  • Preparation of all statutory company registrations in the commercial register, in the tax authorities and social services, etc.
  • Applying for all public law provided permits, commercial permits and licenses in accordance with the specific characteristics of the industry area
  • Legal consultations regarding the rights and responsibilities of the various company organs, and on their liability in internal and external relationships
  • Restructuring of companies, companies takeover , division, separation, merger and acquisitions and other legal forms of reorganizations
  • Representation in general meetings, drafting and preparation of all kinds of corporate legal documents
  • Resolving disputes with company partners and corporate bodies - alternative dispute resolution as well as judicial representation in Germany and Bulgari.

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