Contract Law

In order to avoid legal disputes between business partners it is mandatory that all contracting parties are full acquainted with all rights and obligations deriving from the contract even before its signing. This holds especially true for international transactions, where the differences in the legal understanding and business traditions may easily result in disputes regarding the interpretation of contracts.

One of the practice areas of the legal activity of Ruskov & Colleagues Law Firm consists in preparation of contracts of different type, especially between partners from Bulgaria, Germany and other European countries. During their preparation we pay special attention to the specifics of the German, Bulgarian and European legislation . The contracts are made bilingual.

Our legal services related to drafting of contracts in Germany and Bulgaria include:

  • in the sphere of civil law - contracts for purchase and rental of goods, loan, production, services, leasing, donation, guarantees, employment contracts and others.
  • regarding real estate matters - contracts for purchase and rent of real estate properties, if necessary –provision of collateral through mortgage, preliminary contracts and others.
  • in the sphere of commercial and company law - contracts between merchants, articles of association of different companies (limited liability companies, general partnership, limited partnership, joint-stock company, foundation and others), company bodies (managers, directors, oversight board and others) share transfers and others.
  • agreements and others